Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 28th P.A.R.K. Conference

Songs as a great learning tool


Zdeňka Zvoníčková

KEY WORDSsongs, creativity, grammar, idioms, breaking the monotony of a lesson

AGE GROUPSteens, young adults, adults



Songs are a fun way how to teach grammar, idioms, improve pronunciation and help learners process the language better. It can break the monotony of a "boring" lesson and is natural way to understand how the language works. As such using songs is an effective and motivating tool.

This workshop will focus on different ways of using songs to achieve various learning objectives and work with students creatively.

Zdenka Zvoníčková is a secondary school teacher in Gymnázium Tišnov but is an experienced teacher for both teens and adults. She participated in Fulbright Teaching Excellence and Achievement Program in the USA in spring 2020. The stay became a great drive and motivation in her career. In her lessons she places a lot of emphasis on critical and creative thinking skills.