Professional Development

for English Teachers

C2/C2+ English

accredited by the Czech Ministry of Education

English language course at C2/C2+

These accredited courses recognise that not only English teachers wish to advance their language skills but that many teachers of other subjects also view learning English as a fundamental part of professional development. Our language courses aim to assist. From beginner to proficiency, there are various choices available that can make the process appropriate to you and your needs, thus boosting your linguistic armoury.

  • Regularly 1x a week in a language school (or online) for one semester (32 hours)
    Price from CZK 4,950/participant

  • Regularly 1x a week in a language school (or online) for two semesters (64 hours)
    Price from CZK 9,900/participant

  • At your school or our premises with an individual schedule (32 hours or 64 hours in total)
    Price from CZK 12,900/participant
    (min. 3 participants)


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