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Summer School Programme

Professional development is always important and entering the classroom invigorated after the long summer is vital to the upcoming year. With such in mind, P.A.R.K. Summer School for Teachers has been designed to assist teachers in refreshing and expanding their existing repertoire.

For those of you teaching general English at secondary level, our Summer School for Teachers course starting 31st July should prove to be a great motivator. Ofttimes being a challenging yet truly rewarding age to teach, this three day course aims to provide strategic and useful guidance with a twist of fun to keep everyone engaged during lessons.

Elementary teaching is an enriching experience whilst being a role requiring specific skills to motivate younger generations. Sparking a pupil's interest and promoting learning are therefore at the heart of our three day course. Attended by like-minded educators and fuelled with passion, taking steps to further inspire the classroom space all come together in this August session.

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