Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 29th P.A.R.K. Conference

Humour us!


Michael Tomlinson

KEY WORDShumour, engagement, classroom

AGE GROUPSyoung learners, teens

CEFR LEVELSA0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


A sense of humour has important benefits in the classroom. A communal smile boosts student motivation and pupil-teacher relations. It is a great help in creating the right classroom dynamics and should be at the heart of teaching now that we’re enjoying the classroom again. Humour also offers valuable linguistic benefits. This session will share practical ideas for incorporating fun and humour into your classes!

Michael Tomlinson has been teaching English since 1989. He has worked in the UK, Turkey, Spain and Sweden, with students of all ages and levels. He is currently a teacher at Star English, Murcia. He has also led numerous teacher training talks and workshops across the world. His publications include two seven level primary courses, Power Up and Kid's Box, both co-authored with Caroline Nixon.