Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 29th P.A.R.K. Conference

An Introduction to SEN - ADHD


Charles Stewart

KEY WORDSspecial learning challenges, SEN, ADHD

AGE GROUPSvery young learners, young learners, teens, young adults, adults

CEFR LEVELSA0, A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


In today's complex classroom, we face learners with a variety of Special Learning Challenges. One of the more common SEN Conditions that is common in classes is ADHD. In this workshop, we will focus on identifying common symptoms and discussing the implications of having students with ADHD. By the end of the workshop, all participants should have a better understanding of ADHD and gain various tips for dealing with a student with ADHD.

Charles Stewart has been working in the ELT field since 2011, teaching ESL, speaking at various ELT conferences around the Czech Republic and writing and delivering teacher training. Throughout his teaching career, Charles has taught all levels, both young learners and adults. His current focus is on teaching YL. Charles is involved in the YL Department at the British Council in Prague and teaches Exam preparation at a Czech Gymnasium.