Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 28th P.A.R.K. Conference

Exam preparation in the general language classroom? Why not!


Claudia Molnár

KEY WORDSlanguage exam preparation, general English lessons, integrated skills

AGE GROUPSyoung learners, teens, young adults, adults

CEFR LEVELSA1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2


In this workshop, we shall be exploring ways we can integrate exam strategies, when approaching everyday skills work. Rather than focussing on reading and listening comprehension, we shall discuss and try out the skills and strategies learners need to use when in an exam situation, thus reducing exam anxiety on the big day!

Claudia has been in ELT for over 20 years, holds a Ph.D in Applied Linguistics, MEd., CELTA, DELTA and PGCE. She is the Head of English Language Pedagogy at the University of Pannonia, Hungary and a freelance teacher trainer, ELT consultant, author and editor.