Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 29th P.A.R.K. Conference

8+1 Habits of an Effective Teacher


Radka Malá

KEY WORDShabits, self-growth, effective teaching

AGE GROUPSyoung adults, adults



Why this session? For self-growth. To inspire others. So that your students get the most out of your lessons. And most importantly… to work less and become a more effective teacher. We’ll have a look at how to build new teaching habits that actually stick, and create your own teaching game plan so that you’ll be leaving the session with specific action steps to take… come Monday!

Radka has been teaching languages for 15+ years, in a wide range of classes and with all age groups, now specialising in her lifelong passion: using memory hacks and technology in the classroom. She is also the author of Lifestyle and Next Move additional materials. As a teacher trainer and conference speaker, she follows the same principles as a language teacher; activate your students, make the session meaningful and have fun!