Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 28th P.A.R.K. Conference

Supporting Learner Autonomy Through Language Coaching


Gabriella Kovács

KEY WORDSautonomy, responsibility, agency, language coaching, applicable tools

AGE GROUPSteens, young adults, adults



This talk addresses how coaching supports autonomous language learning / communication development. After a short overview, you will see how tools address learning challenges and elevate teacher and learner wellbeing by providing a framework that moves away from planning, expectations and fixed solutions.

The presenter will also talk about A Comprehensive Language Coaching Handbook, her recently published guide to classroom language coaching.

Australian-born Gabriella Kovács MA, PCC is an internationally certified language coach with ICF, a business communication trainer, language teacher, teacher trainer, international speaker and author of A Comprehensive Language Coaching Handbook. Her mission is to inspire a holistic approach in language learning processes. She co-founded ILCA, the International Language Coaching Association, supporting language practitioners globally...