Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 29th P.A.R.K. Conference



Martin Jelínek

Only through stimulating and thought-provoking interactions do we expose ourselves to environments where the more our minds we tickle, the more interaction, retention, and motivation we receive.

Attractive and inviting lessons, full of skills for an active, critical thinking & thoughtful problem-solving citizen who is encouraged to envision a desirable and healthy future.

Created by select educators and enthusiasts to be fit and ready to tackle complex and challenging topics.

From "must do" to "enjoy to do."
From "passive" to engaged.
From "memorized" to critical."

Cover a significant portion of the curriculum.
Adapt to change. GET INVOLVED.

Martin Jelinek is the founder and owner of Bright House Language Institute which focuses on teaching and learning innovation, communication and presentation skills. Martin has 15 years of experience teaching in Europe and Central America and besides running his own business, he works as an assistant lecturer at University of Presov and is also an active Cambridge Oral Examiner.

Martin is listed with Macmillan Education as a freelance Teacher Trainer and regularly delivers talks/workshops at venues at home and internationally.