Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 28th P.A.R.K. Conference

Get Your Game On!


Flo Feast

KEY WORDSgamification, simple, fun, engaging, quick, adaptions

AGE GROUPSyoung learners, teens, young adults, adults



Gamification is becoming increasingly popular in the language classroom, and, let’s be honest, who doesn’t like having a bit of fun while studying? However, the term ‘gamification’ can suggest the need to use a range of online resources and complex programs, but in this workshop, we’ll discover some quick and simple activities and techniques to gamify everyday activities.

Flo has been working in ELT since 2010 and is CELTA and Delta-qualified. She has worked as a teacher, teacher trainer, content developer and examiner in the UK, Italy, Vietnam, China, and Malta. She has run workshops and delivered seminars and webinars on a range of ELT topics both in Europe and Asia. Flo is currently the National Geographic Learning ELT Sales Executive for Central and Eastern Europe.