Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 28th P.A.R.K. Conference

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teachers from Someone Who's Spent 21 Years Trying to Adopt Them.


Nikki Fořtová

"A wonderful talk that could change your life" – No teacher ever.

What sets highly successful teachers - who seem to have it all - apart from the rest? One teacher trainer (i.e. Nikki) has been observing hundreds of brilliant teachers over the years to find out. Based on observation and practice, this light-hearted yet informative talk contemplates just how highly effective educators set themselves up for success in the classroom and looks at seven habits they seem to have in common. 

Nikki Fořtová is a lecturer on the MA in Teaching at Masaryk University. She is also a CELTA and Oxford Teachers Academy trainer. Her ELT research interests lie classroom interaction, reflection, and the use of technology. Her current doctoral research explores corrective feedback by teachers at different stages in their career and in different classroom environments. Nikki enjoys playing the piano, running, and hula hooping. She isn’t very good at any of these but keeps a growth mindset about it all, so maybe one day she will be.