Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 29th P.A.R.K. Conference

What you didn't know about OUP digital offer - Oxford University Press

Jitka Dopitová

Have you already been using our digital components? Are you planning to use them? Or are you just curious about them? This session aims to introduce and summarise the essentials. Make sure you do not miss it. Come and take part. You are more than welcome.

At Oxford University Press we have a clear mission which informs everything we do — to create the highest quality academic and educational resources and services and to make them available across the world. We share the University’s uncompromising standards, defining qualities, and belief in the transformative power of education to inspire progressand realize human potential.

Jitka Dopitová has not been with Oxford University Press for long. She started to work as an Educational Consultant in October 2022. She began learning English when she was ten and has not stopped since. She studied at St. Andrew’s in Cambridge, passed the State Exam back in the Czech Republic, ran a language school, used to teach at private and state-owned institutions, and in the past three years, you could meet her at the British Centre in Olomouc.