Professional Development

for English Teachers

The 29th P.A.R.K. Conference

Online escape game as a revision tool


Kateřina Chudová

KEY WORDSonline escape game, gamification, revision, teamwork

AGE GROUPSteens, young adults, adults



There are so many attractive games and interactive tools that enable us to make language learning more exciting nowadays and I am an absolute fan! In this workshop, I will share my experience with using an online escape game as a revision tool. We will learn how to design it on, how to apply it in class, what to beware of, and what students actually think about it. Make sure you have a smart device with you!

Kateřina Chudová teaches at the Faculty of Law, Masaryk University. She benefits from her seventeen-year background in teaching adults in a variety of company courses, focusing on implementing life skills and interactive and digital tools. She is interested in learning styles and memory stimulation, which she experiments with in her work with students.